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What is a king coconut?

A king coconut, also known as « thambili », is a rare variety of coconut that is native to the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka. Visually, the king coconut is instantly recognizable owing to its golden yellow hue while the regular coconuts are green in color and more abundantly available in tropical countries. Its flesh is sweeter and is a rich source of vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium, making it overall healthier and more nutrient than regular coconut

What is the difference between king coconut oiland regular coconut oil?

King coconut oil is lighter than regular coconut oil because of its molecular structure which is closer to human sebum. When you use it to massage your skin or your hair, it gets readily absorbed. Thanks to its light texture, it does not leave your hair or skin sticky or greasy as compared to regular coconut oil. It only leaves a thin film, enough to nourish it and give it a sublime texture! The smell is also more distinctive and sweet than regular coconut oil, making it a truly pleasant experience when you use it.

Is King Coco 100% natural?

King Coco is made from rare golden king coconuts from Sri Lanka. The king coconuts are grown organically without the use of any chemicals. Inside the jar of King Coco, is 100% natural and pure king coconut oil. We cold press the king coconuts so that nutrients are not lost from application of heat. The jar has all the goodness of king coconuts, in its purest form, brought to you directly from Sri Lanka and manufactured in our laboratory in France.

Is the oil solid or liquid?

The oil is solid at temperatures below 23°C and liquid over 23°C. According to your preferences, gently rub it between your hands to melt the oil, or place it in a refrigerator for an hour if it has melted.

How do I use King Coco?

King Coco is a completely natural oil that is safe to use from head to toe. You can use it to massage your skin and hair to deeply nourish and add glow!

How do I use King Coco on my hair?

  • Pre-shampoo: use it once to twice a week to deeply nourish and restore dull hair. Apply and massage generously from root to tip and let it sit from 30 minutes to a few hours or overnight before washing out.
  • Post-shampoo: use a few drops on the tips of the hair to naturally condition the hair and add more lustre.

Is King Coco safe to use on colored/bleached hair?

It is completely safe to use King Coco on colored, bleached or damaged hair. In fact, regular massage with King Coco will help treat damage and will help hair recover its health and shine.

How do I use King Coco on my skin?

2 ways of using King Coco on your skin:
Body: apply a few drops on your body, preferably on damp skin to naturally hydrate your skin and keep it glowing.
Face: use the oil to remove makeup. Gently massage the face, remove makeup and oil residue with a cotton pad.

Is King Coco safe for pregnant women?

King Coco is totally safe to use for pregnant women because it is 100% natural. Using King Coco during your pregnancy will add elasticity to your skin and prevent it from stretch marks.

Where is King Coco made and manufactured?

King Coco is extracted in Sri Lanka from king coconuts and then manufactured in our laboratory in France.

What is the packaging made of?

King Coco is committed to building an all-natural, sustainable product line and in keeping with that, our packaging is made of fully recyclable materials.

How shall I store my jar of King Coco?

To preserve all the nutrients, goodness and smell of King Coco, store it in a cool and dry place. Avoid contact with water and always close the lid after use.

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